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Facts About Z-BRICK Products

Z-BRICK Corporation was the first manufacturer in the brick facing industry in 1956.  Over the decades, a multitude of manufacturers attempted to imitate Z-BRICK products with minimal success.   Z-BRICK products are all-mineral products which have the look, texture and durability of traditional masonry without the cost or bother of masonry.

Primary ingredients in Z-BRICK products are cement, clay and vermiculite which make each stone or brick lightweight and natural in texture.

The differences between Z-BRICK products and ordinary clay brick:

Z-BRICK products are natural looking and have an authentic brick texture. They are not a "replica" or "simulated" brick with a painted finish - as some plastic or gypsum bricks. Color is an integral part of each brick. It will not fade, wear off or weather away.

Z-BRICK products are weather resistant, so they are ideal for exterior use. They have been used for more than 50 years on commercial and residential buildings and are guaranteed for 50 years, when installed according to manufacturer's specifications.

Z-BRICK is easier to install than other veneer bricks. There is no need for spacers or caulking to fill joints. Installation requires no special training or tools; and, there is an easy four-step installation outlined on all Z-BRICK packaging.

As with many building materials - variations in color and texture occur with different lots. For this reason, all Z-BRICKS needed for a specific project should be purchased at one time from the same lot number to assure color consistency.

The exterior adhesive mortar, Z-MENT is a high quality acrylic-base adhesive formulated with added fibers and ground vermiculite to give the body and texture of cement mortar. It has a water base and can easily be cleaned from tools and skin while still moist. Once it has dried, however, it becomes permanent and insoluble in water-- making them weatherproof.  When installing Z-BRICK products outdoors, the project should be protected from rain for at least three days. It should then be sealed with two coats of Z-SEALER for waterproofing and weatherproofing.

Z-MENT is designed with enough elasticity to allow for seasonal changes. We tested Z-MENT  in Minnesota up to -30 degrees! This characteristic keeps it from cracking the way common mortars will.

Z-MENT will adhere to all common building materials: plywood, plaster board, poured concrete, concrete block, and plaster.

Z-MENT is available in gallon pails and covers 16 to 20 square feet per gallon.

Z-SEALER is a high quality clear acrylic sealer. It looks milky when first applied; but turns crystal clear when dry. It dries completely within half an hour - except in very humid conditions.   It is "flat", not glossy; and gives a satin finish.

One coat of Z-SEALER should be applied over all applications to keep the brick or stone from soiling and to make it easy to clean. Two coats should be used around stoves and fireplaces and other areas where you have a heavy exposure to grease or dirt. Two coats are also necessary for exterior applications.

Z-SEALER is available in quarts and covers about 80 square feet per one coat.

Z-BRICK products are produced by the Zygrove Corporation. The production facilities and national corporate headquarters are located in Mound, Minnesota.

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